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The Journey to Mindfulness Starts Here.


With Little Mindful Yogis children learn yoga in a fun and playful way. Yoga is taught through a variety of fun and engaging ways using music, games, and meditation. Through basic and challenging yoga poses and partner poses children will gain strength, flexibility, and coordination and teach valuable lessons that promote confidence and mindfulness. 

They Will Do Yoga at Home!
"Story of yoga" by Lucille, age 6

Lion's Breath


The kids love doing Lion's Breath. It teaches them to exhale out all of their negative energy in a fun and playful way.


Tweens and Teens Love Acro Yoga


Acro yoga is partner based yoga that requires strength, body awareness, strong verbal communication, and trust.

Acro Yoga Builds Trust & Communication
Throne Pose

It's Not Just Asana

When I was upset, he said to me "It's ok, just breathe." Then he sat down to meditate and said "Peace begins with me."

- Wendy Porter Cade

(quoted by her 3 year old son, Thomas)


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