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For the Parents

Hey parents, ever wondered why yoga's awesome for your kiddos? Well, science has the scoop! Yoga isn't just for zen adults; it's a game-changer for kids too.


Chill Vibes and Tough Stuff: Yoga helps your little ones handle stress and ride out tough times. Breathing exercises and creative meditation tricks teach them to stay calm when things get cray-cray.

Smart Cookies and Brain Boosts: Doing yoga is like a brain workout for kids. It helps them focus, remember stuff, and solve problems better. So, it's not just good for the body – it's a brain booster too.

Flexibility and Superpowers: Yoga isn't just stretching; it's a kid-friendly workout. It makes them bendy, strong, and balanced. Think of it as superhero training for their bodies!

Dreamy Zzz's: Bedtime battles, anyone? Yoga to the rescue! It chills them out before bed, making those Zzz's extra awesome.

BFFs and Feel-Good Feels: Yoga isn't a solo gig. Group classes help kids make pals, be kind, and work together. It's like school for good vibes and happy hearts.


Mind-Body Tag Team: Yoga's all about connecting the mind and body. It helps kids understand themselves better, stay chill, and make smart choices.

If you're all about raising happy, healthy kids who totally own life, toss in some yoga. It's not just a cool move for grown-ups; it's the secret sauce for your amazing little humans. Science says so (resources below) – yoga's the gift that keeps on giving.


Participate Outside the Classroom

Acro Yoga

Combining acrobatics with yoga, Acro Yoga offers a fun way to connect. Come prepared to work in groups of three or more. You will learn base and fly as well as the importance of spotting for fall prevention. Acro Yoga is a great way to practice trust, communication, and connection, while exploring fun ways of body movement.

Private Classes

Just starting yoga? Want to learn a headstand or handstand? Private yoga sessions offer students the ability to focus on individual interests, concerns, or goals. These sessions offer privacy and personal attention at your own pace and in your own safe environment. Without distractions from a group, one can more easily attain breathing, body postures, concentration, balance, and meditation.

Birthday Parties

We would love to celebrate your child's birthday with you! Please reach out and we'll discuss how to create a special day celebrating your little.

What Parents Say

"Peace really does begin with the children. May they hold their light throughout their lives."


Learn more about kids yoga and how it can be incorporated into you and your children's lifestyles!

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