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Yoga in Schools

We believe that incorporating mindfulness, yoga poses, and emotional regulation techniques into the school curriculum can contribute significantly to the overall well-being and development of the students.


Here’s What To Expect for kids yoga classes:


1. Fun Yoga Poses:


Little Mindful Yogis class includes a series of age-appropriate yoga poses tailored to the developmental stages of the students. These poses are designed not only to improve physical health but also to enhance concentration, flexibility, and balance.


2. Mindfulness Crafts and Activities:


We integrate creative and engaging mindfulness crafts and activities into our sessions. These activities are specifically designed to promote mindfulness, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. Through art and play, children can learn to express themselves, understand their emotions, and develop a sense of calm and focus.


3. Emotional Regulation Techniques:


The program emphasizes the importance of emotional regulation. We provide tools and techniques to help children identify and manage their emotions effectively. These skills contribute to a positive and supportive learning environment, fostering emotional resilience.


4. Stress Management:


In today's fast-paced world, stress management is a crucial skill for students. Our program includes practical stress management techniques that children can use both in and out of the classroom. These techniques empower students to cope with challenges, promoting a healthy mindset and reducing overall stress levels.


5. Community Outreach:


Our program goes beyond the classroom by teaching children that kindness matters. From generous donations to support homeless children to the creation of heartwarming cards and crafts sent to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, we believe in weaving the threads of compassion into the fabric of our practice. 

Mindfulness and Yoga Offerings to Teachers and Students

  • A certified LMY teacher brings meditation or yoga sessions or workshops for teachers to reduce stress and offer classroom management tools.

  • A certified LMY yoga teacher works with your students in the classroom, during P.E., or during testing weeks to provide breathing exercises and yoga stretches to reduce anxiety and improve overall physical and mental health.


Little Mindful Yogis Schools

Trinity Logo.jpeg

Trinity School Atlanta

EastSide logo.jpg

East Side Elementary School


Atlanta Speech School


Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School


Ethos Classical Charter School


Pace Academy


Westminster School

TLC Logo-01.jpg

The Legacy Center Preschool (TLC)

Wood Acres.png

Wood Acres School


St. Benedict’s Episcopal School


Dunwoody Prep

Yoga In Your School!

  • After school enrichment programs

  • Summer Camps

  • Elective yoga classes

  • Classes for teachers on how they can incorporate yoga in their class

  • Classes for kids on yoga breaks (great for test weeks!)
  • Yoga class for staff

  • Partner yoga classes for team building with staff

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